PAErsche meets … Fernando Ribeiro | Bochum – 13.07.2019

Within the Format PAErsche meets… artist of PAErsche meet and show a Solo-Performance along with international artists that will come or travel through Germany.

It’s also the starting point of the collaboration of PAErsche and the Rottstr.5 Kunsthallen in Bochum.

We kicked off the format with the Brazilian artist Fernando Ribeiro.

Fernando showed a Solo Performance together with the two PAErsche artists Anne-Louise Hoffmann and Negar Foroughanfar.

Fernando Ribeiro Performance artist and curator. He lives and works in Curitiba, Brazil. Fernando is one of the main performance artists in the South of the country. His career has been dedicated to performance art for over 17 years and he has been participating in several national and international events. He works also as curator on p.ARTE and Bienal de Curitiba.

In Anne-Louise’s performances, the power of originality is shown through direct body experience and her voice. She is inspired by modern religion such as health and pop culture.

Negar Foroughanfars artistic work deals with pain production as an interpersonal phenomenon. Mainly about the pain of women from macho cultures who remain silent to protect their safety. To depict this pain she use everyday objects, which are normally harmless but become in her performances  instruments of torture. The aim is to portray and stage complex cultural phenomena and social conflicts with simple means.

Supported by the City of Curitiba (Fundacao cultural de Curitiba), the Rottstr.5 Kunsthallen and Interval // PAErsche.