Konteksty 2014 | Sokolowsko PL

Sokolowsko, Konteksty 2014

PAErsche artists Boris Nieslony, Marita Bullmann and Evamaria Schaller were invited to the Konteksty 2014 Festival to Sokolowsko Poland.

There we met other network partners. Terese Longva from Performance Art Bergen, Norway. Alastair MacLennan from Bbeyond Belfast, Northern Ireland or Artur Tajber from the Free Radicals, Poland.

There we exchanged with each other and other Performance Art, Video- and Installation Artists from all over the world. We show some pictures of our Network-partners and PAErsche representatives.

For more information about the festival: Konteksty 2014

Information about Konteksty 2014 on the Insitu Foundation Website:


The 4th International Sokolovsko Festival of Ephemeral Art took place from July 25th to 29th, 2014. The festival provides a platform for presenting ephemeral art in its various manifestations: performances, installations, sound pieces and multimedia works. We focus on delivering an artistic message to local community through realizing works in public space, naturally accessible to the inhabitants of Sokolovsko, organize workshops for children and adults. The festival also features documentation of art projects and art places. The debate in which artists, critics and art theoreticians will participate focuses on the theme of space in which art takes place: inner space of an artist, art museums and galleries, public space. Art can be approached as a phenomenon which does not require classification; at the same time you can look at it from different points of view in order to gain a wider perspective. You can say: art happens everywhere, but you can also say: art happens in spaces named private, inner space of an artist, galleries and art museums, public space. Magdalena Ujma will moderate the discussion.
Each edition of CONTEXTS honours a distinguished Polish artist. In the past they were Jan Świdziński, Zbigniew Warpechowski and Jerzy Bereś. This time it is Zygmunt Rytka. The oeuvre of this neo-avantgarde artist is concerned with investigations of the medium of photography with a conceptual edge to it, as well as documentary photography. “The Continuity of Infinity” and “Temporary Objects” are among the most recognized cycles of his works.