Interval eXtended A – Workshop presentation |Oberhausen

Presentation of the Interval eXtended -A- Workshop by Sandra Johnston | Museumsbahnsteig, Oberhausen, Germany


Organiser Marita Bullmann

Here are some images of the workshop FORMING INATTENTION : BECOMING LOST with Sandra Johnston from 31.7.-5.8.2017 @ Kitev in Oberhausen Germany.

Aim of workshop was to explore proximity awareness, working in parallel with others, simultaneously but not together.

Exploring the impact of synchronous behaviour, how we can react upon each other through sharing space and time in order to observe, learn and respect each other’s unique experience of the communal moment.To create a space of trust, where each of us can be enabled to shake off superfluous habits, mannerisms and reactions, attempting to go beyond behaviours of social masking and display. Developing safe zones for retreat, reflection and return, engendering respect for the particularity and pace of each person’s individual processes.Participants: Ola Kozioł, Andrii Helytovych, Beate Körner, Nika Lopez, Jin Bells, Lisa Tschorn, Negar Foroughan, Katerina Kitsikoudi, Lucia Bricco and Thomas Reul.All photos by Jörn Vanselow;