Boutique | Cologne

2011 / Alice de Visscher / Boris Nieslony / Carola Willbrand / Christian Schmidt-Chemnitzer / Elke Mark / Evamaria Schaller / Jürgen Raap / Marita Bullmann / Petra Deus / Richard Martell / Rolf Hinterecker / Siglinde Kallnbach / Waltraud Caspari-Philips


BOUTIQUE – Raum für temporäre Kunst

Organizers Evamaria Schaller, Boris Nieslony, Max Erbacher

Boutique – Raum für temporäre Kunst, the alternative, non-commercial project, gave us its art-space and became a kind of satellite. The artists used the underground passage as well as the Ebertplatz itself, the space of the former fountain and the Boutique.

Solo Performances from the Canadian Performance Artist Richard Martell, a long durational Performance from Christian Schmidt-Chemnitzer, Petra Deus, Siglinde Kallnbach, a duo of Alice de Visscher and Evamaria Schaller, Rolf Hinterecker, Waltraud Caspari-Philips, Jürgen Raap, Sascha Brosamer, a duo of Mark Met and Carola Willbrand, Elke Mark and Marita Bullmann closed the evening with a performance in the art space of the Boutique