Taisiya Ivanonva

My work is processual and performative.
With my body as an experiment I examine myself as a human.
I try to show the process of expanding the borders of my body.
In conscious interactions with society I see an opportunity to reach a deeper understanding of myself and the phenomenon „human“.
I don’t consider myself to have a fixed identity.My work is concerned with power structures.
I want to examine power structures in my everyday-life and want to make them more fluent. In working with childhood experiences I try to expose the consequences on my present life and I brake restrictions, created by culture, older generations, my parents etc.My work is about movement and change.
I’m interested especially in transient phenomenons like failures, expectations, projections, illusions, interdependencies and so on.
I’m interested in making my own life-processes (e.g. thinking, creating, learning, recognizing, and forgetting) visible and in comparing them to experiences of other artists.
Born 1994 in Moskow (Russia), I live and work in Düsseldorf and Heidelberg.
Since 2013 I study at the Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf.
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