Susahee Performance-Art: Standpunkt XXX TanzWo - Candides Garden, Köln - Alte Feuerwache, Germany

SusaHee Performance is an independent, self-producing One-Person-And-More Group. SusaHee Performance is equal to Susanne Helmes : everything – the concept, the choreography, the set, the text, the costume and the performance itself – is made by one hand and therefore as a whole thing it is interwoven by the personality of the artist. Her basic means of expression is movement/dance.

With her Performances and szenarios she creates living landscapes made by visual projections, sound-collages, dance, voice and short speeches.

Susanne Helmes lives in Cologne, Germany and Mallorca, Spain.

Performance Art is `flux´.

It is the thunder and the lightning and the error of my mind – the chaos and the control of emotion, the chord of the soul that is transformed into scenery and presented as Performance Art. It is taking and giving in a social context.

The presentation may be the end or the beginning as well as a part of reflection in the process.

It is action in time and space limited. It begins and passes by…it is painting in water.*

I have an idea and I put it on stage.

I put myself into a set of conditions, a context, a necessity.

Questions and answers – parts are put together.

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