• Feel invited and be with us

    Interval °8

    10. & 11.6.2016 // with soloperformances, interventions and actions from PAErsche and its invited guests Vivian Chinasa Ezugha (UK), Bartolomé Ferrando (ES), Esther Ferrer (ES), Markus Goessi (CH), Eunhye Hwang (Korea/D), Nicolas Puyjalon (FR/D)

  • Feel invited and be with us


    14.6.2016 // Orangerie - Theater im Volksgarten / 20:00: Vivian Chinasa Ezugha (UK), Bartolomé Ferrando (ES), Markus Goessi (CH), Eunhye Hwang (Korea/D), Nicolas Puyjalon (FR/D)

  • Feel invited and be with us


    25.06.2016 // Künstlerforum Bonn // 10:00-22:00 // Anja Plonka, Carola Willbrand, Christiane Obermayr, Elke Mark, Evamaria Schaller, Frank Homeyer, Imma Helli, Karin Meiner, Rolf Hinterecker, Ute-Marie Paul, Waltraud Caspari Philips


    Encounter of Chinese, Belgian and German Performance Artists in Liège as part of "Art of Encountering VI"

    2015 | ESAVL Liège & public space Liège
  • Kunst der Begegnung VI

    8 chinese artists enounter with PAErsche: Feng Weidong | He Chengyao | Li Xiaomu | Qiao Shengxu | Wang Chuyu | Xiang Xishi | Chen Jin | Zhou Bin

    2015 | Köln Orangerie | citywalk | Carlswerke | Bonn citywalk

10.06.2016 | Interval °8 | Park next to Glück-Auf Kino, Essen | 19:00
11.06.2016 | Interval °8 | ERDgeschoß | 19:00

14.06.2016 | FIXATIONEN | Orangerie Theater im Volksgarten Cologne | 20:00

25.06.2016 | mehr wagen und zum wägen bringen | Künstlerforum Bonn | 10:00-22:00


PAErsche is a laboratory which was founded 2010 in Cologne.
PAErsche artists and their guests intervene temporarily in various public venues.
PAErsche does not plan to be a fixed group or ensemble.
PAErsche is nomadic and has no fixed abode.
PAErsche offers a platform for international performance artists.
PAErsche also is establishing a network of different performance artists.
PAErsche representatives act as ambassadors at international festivals,
lectures and meetings.

PAErsche´s main ethos is the encounter as a gift and cooperation.
PAErsche´s floating center of gravity is the Open Source Performance.

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