EQUINOX Cologne 2018 | 23.09.2018

Equinox September 2018
Day Of Public Action for Freedom and Democracy

23.09.2018 – 15:00
Ansgarplatz Köln |Ansgarplatz Cologne

Organizers: Thomas Reul, Michael Dick


Michael Dick, Irmgard Himstedt, Constantin Leonard, Christiane Obermayr, Roberta de Lacerda Medina, Katerina Kitsikoudi, Anja Hild, Florence Lam, Sikarnt Skoolisariyaporn, Michael Barrett, Ignacio Perez, Veronica Cruz Gonzalez, Morgane Wadbled, Agus Bimo Prayitno, Jörn Vanselow, Thomas Reul and more…



On behalf of individual artists, artists’ groups and Arts organisations around the world, we want to declare the September Equinox, as the International Day Of Public Action.

“It is the day that all states must recognise and allow actions from the people which are ‘peaceful’ and ‘non-violent’. This day of action can be with or without context, but for the recognition of all people’s rights to share the public space together, in solidarity with each other, in respect of each others rights to share the same public space, as well as the time.”
Chumpon Apisuk