Art of Encountering V - day 3 - outdoor | Essen

2013 / Art of Encountering / Boris Nieslony / Boyet de Mesa / Kaye O´Yek / Mannet Villariba / Network / Open Source / Patrick Ka Hyan Chong / Rolf Hinterecker / Rommel G. Espinosa / Super Thom Daq / unterwegs / Yuan Mor´O Ocampo / Zierle & Carter

City of Essen urban

Organizer Marita Bullmann, Boris Nieslony

With Philippine artists: Patrick Ka Hyan Chong, Super Thom Daq, Boyet De Mesa, Rommel G. Espinosa,  Yuan Mor’O Ocampo, Kaye O’Yek, Mannet Villariba
With German artists: Marita Bullmann, Rolf Hinterecker, Karin Meiner,

Guest Artists: Zierle & Carter

7 artistic positions of the Philippines encounter diverse artists from the European towns: Linz/A + Bale/Ch + Cologne, Bonn, Essen from NRW/DE.


The goal is to show various methods and models of artistic strategies of action art and performance art.

The purpose of those actions, movements, interventions, interactions and performances is to interact with those medias to deal with the public and the urban space.


The main idea comes from Boris Nieslony. This is the fifth encountering of Asian and European Artists.